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Guide To Renting A Dumpster in Orlando Florida

Dumpster Rental

Renting a dumpster in Orlando Florida is quite easy, yet can be sometime new and confusing to most residential and commercial business. When renting a dumpster, you’ll want to consider a few things. First and foremost is the size of the dumpster you’ll need and of course the cost. In regards to the size of the  dumpster rental you’ll need in Orlando, it’s important to understand which size will be ideal for your project. King Tut Dumpster Rental provides 2 dumpster size rentals to make things easy. King Tut Dumpster Rental offers a 12 Yard and a 18 Yard. A 12 yard/3 day rental will cost you $229.00 and a 18 yard/3 day rental is just $249.00. Related News.


There are many other things to consider as well such as the location you want the dumpster. It a good idea to clear a spot where you’d like your dumpster placed without low-hanging wires or tree branches. If the container will be placed outside your property, you’ll typically need a permit from the city to place the bin in a public space like the street.


Remove any obstacles in the way of the roll off dumpster truck to make it easy for drop off any pick up of the container. The truck requires about 60 feet of space to approach and about 23 feet of vertical clearance to raise and place the dumpster. Please move whatever you can to make it easy for the driver to drop your container.


Avoid overloading the dumpster. Remember that we won’t be able to safely haul the container away if there is debris sticking out of the sides and over the top. Please make sure this doesn’t happen to avoid any additional fees.


Find local Dumpster Rental Near Me

To start you will want to search for a reputable company such as KingTutDumpsterrental.com. It’s always a good idea to schedule your dumpster drop off days in advance to ensure we have a dumpster container on hand for you.

Roll off dumpsters are easy to use as they have swing doors you can walk into. It’s always a good idea to load from the back first so you can maximize space thus allows for more loading of junk items. We will place your dumpster in the desired location of your choice. We roll it off our truck and to the spot of your choice quickly and easily. Our specially designed ramp and rail system allows easy access to loading and off loading of our KingTut Roll Off Dumpster Rental Containers in Orlando Florida and surrounding areas.


While you can junk most household trash and construction debris in a roll off dumpster rental, a few restrictions apply. Usually, this is because some items must be handled separately from other debris for environmental or safety reasons. The list below shows items typically not allowed in a dumpster and explains why they’re prohibited. If you’re junking everyday waste then chances are we can take it. This includes remodeling debris such as drywall, lumber, flooring, cabinetry and siding, as well as general household items from cleanout projects. However, it’s important to know what is not allowed in a dumpster. Please don’t worry! We’re not looking to give anyone a hard time or charge you more money.


There are many reasons to rent a dumpster in Orlando from KingTut. For instance if you plan to remodel your kitchen, you know you will need a dumpster that can accommodate old cabinets, a sink, flooring, and maybe some other kitchen furnishings or random junk lying around the house.


To get started on a roll off dumpster rental in Orlando, FL or surrounding areas, contact us or book online today with King Tut Dumpster Rental services in Orlando. We bring your dumpster to the location of your choice the sameday.

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